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Shrewsbury Prison Guided Tour

Shrewsbury Prison is the World’s most interactive prison, that inspires people, educating, engaging and immersing visitors through a journey behind bars. Our mission is to preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Shrewsbury Prison, by shining a light on prison life from the Georgian era to the modern day. Visitors are given a unique and immersive prison experience combined with first class customer service. Shrewsbury Prison was built in 1793 and closed in 2013, with over 200 years of history behind its walls including the countries last remaining Georgian prison.

Suggested duration 2-3 hours

Follow in the footsteps of ex-convicts during a tour of Shrewsbury Prison, home to over 200 years worth of history. You’ll explore the former jail with a prison office who once managed the wings, for the inside scoop on what used to occur within the walls. You’ll hear tales about capital punishment and see the spots on which executions took place.